Top 10 Derma Companies In Karnataka

Top 10 Derma Companies In Karnataka – Derma Company is one of the businesses that produce dermatological concessions for the trafficking of hair, skin, and connected pin products as well as medicines to heal diseases that are connected to them. Since it is one of the largest and most moneymaking marketplaces in the pharmaceutical industry, there are many Derma Pharma franchise companies extending all abroad in the country. You can discover complete details about the Top 10 Derma Companies In Karnataka with the products here on this blog, from which you can make a supreme conclusion.

Top 10 Derma Companies In Karnataka

Personal Care and Dermatology are presently experiencing rapid growth in India. In India, many derma businesses produce skincare items. The provision for Derma and cosmetic products is very high in Karnataka. The Derma Companies produce products for everyday use like lotions, hand moisturizers, creams, shampoos, and oils. Here we provide a piece of information about the Top 10 Derma Companies In Karnataka.

Products Range By Lifestyle BioSciences


Sr No. Products
1 Lotions
2 Face Wash
3 Serum
4 Dusting Powder
5 Capsules

List Of Top 10 Derma Companies In Karnataka

#1 Lifestyle BioSciences

Lifestyle BioSciences is an ISO-certified genuine personal care and dermatology company in India. This company produces a massive range of derma products at inexpensive prices so you can simply snatch them. The name Lifestyle BioSciences is also implicated in the list of genuine dermatological companies in India. They are organized to produce superb quality derma products to fix the issues of their customers. This company has many years of experience in this industry which is why a large amount of consumers have trust in their skincare products. In addition, they provide surprising dominance to their customers.

Contact Details

Company Name – Lifestyle BioSciences


Phone No. – +91-828-383-5000

Email –

#2 Cutis Derma Care

Cutis Derma Care is also on the list of Top 10 Derma Companies In Karnataka. CUTIS DERMA CARE, a dermal severance of a supreme Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer and provider in India, INTRA LIFE, was confirmed in 2011 with a broad collection of over 1500 articulations.

Address –  #4025/26, 3rd Floor, K.R. Road, Jayanagar 7th Block, Bangalore – 560 082, Karnataka, India.

#3 Intencis Dermacare

They establish themselves as Intencis Derma Care a division of Envision Med Sciences Pvt. ltd company for providing honestly world-class healthcare solutions and helping mankind for more than a period. They produce a mixture of dermatologists their pursuit of excellence remains their prime concern. Their broad range of products authorize people to be healthy.

Address – New No.3, Old No.231, 12th Cross, Wilson Garden, Bangalore- 560027.

#4 Intra Life

They provide a broad collection of over 1500 articulations. Today they are restricted to providing healing solutions that refine the lives of patients, however, it is by fighting infections, managing cholesterol, or producing lifesaving injectable medicines, imaginative pain management mixtures as well as other suggestive conditions managed by experts.

Address – # 4025/26, 3rd Floor, K.R. Road, Jayanagar 7th Block, Bangalore – 560 082

#5 Anglo Frech Drugs

Anglo Frech is also on the list of Top 10 Derma Companies In Karnataka. Today, they have materialized as an energetic, quickly expanding pharmaceutical company with the potential for the evolution of healing articulations. We are growing through the marketing, sales, and dispensation of these products.

Address – No. 41, 3rd Cross, 5th Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru – 560 010, Karnataka, India

#6 Bal Pharma Limited

Bal Pharma Limited is also on the list of Top 10 Derma Companies In Karnataka. They endeavor hard to refine the standard of life for patients by producing products that are safe, successful, top quality, and inexpensive. Bal Pharma’s API and FDF are manufactured at outstanding manufacturing provisions.

Address – Narayan Complex, 10/1, Palace Road, Bangalore – 560 052. Karnataka, INDIA.

#7 Biocon Foundation

Biocon is Asia’s leading dermatology company that is managed with the observation to make a variation in global healthcare through the refined entrance to top-quality, life-saving dermatology by making them inexpensive for patients beyond the world. 

Address – 20th KM, Hosur Road, Electronic City, Bangalore, India – 560 100

#8 Gaia Trade PVT. LTD

Gaia Trade Private Limited is a confirmed dermatology commerce company whose key activity is to extensively transport pharmaceutical products. The company acquires its dermatology supplies either straight from the producer or from the manufacturer’s previously arranged supplier.

Address –  G-14, Quatro D Commercial, Nr. Keshav Smruti School, International Airport Road, Dabolim, Goa – 403801, INDIA

#9 Medomed Life Science PVT. LTD.

Medomed Life Science is also on the list of Top 10 Derma Companies In Karnataka. Producing higher quality raw materials for producing medicine is their way to victory. By using standard raw materials their medicines are giving the best result in the market. Medomed started the business with just 7 products and now produces more than 28 derma products.


#10 Wintac Limited

Wintac Limited is also on the list of Top 10 Derma Companies In Karnataka. To be a pacemaker in the manufacturing and marketing of quality aseptic products in domestic and international markets they provide the best quality derma products at inexpensive prices.

Address – 54/1, Budihal, Nelamangala, Bengaluru, -562123, Karnataka, India


In this blog, we provide you with the Top 10 Derma Companies In Karnataka so you do not have any trouble finding the derma companies in Karnataka also they they provide the best derma products at very reasonable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question – Which Company Is Best In Providing Derma Products In Karnataka?

Answer – Lifestyle BioSciences is the best company which is providing derma products in Karnataka.

Question – What Are The Advantages Of Connecting With Derma Companies?

Answer – Connecting with Derma Companies will provide you with numerous benefits. You can become their franchise partner and employ your Derma company with less investment. Also, the knowledgeable team will give you unbelievable market support to encourage your company and interest the target spectators.

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