Top 10 Derma Companies In Haridwar

Top 10 Derma Companies In Haridwar – Derma Company is one of the businesses that provide dermatological exceptions for the dealing of hair, skin, and connected pin products as well as medicines to cure many diseases that are joined to them. Behind it is one of the greatest and most moneymaking marketplaces in the pharmaceutical industry, there are many Derma Pharma franchise companies expanding all beyond the country. You can locate complete details about the Top 10 Derma Companies In Haridwar with the products here on this blog, from which you can make a superior judgment.

Top 10 Derma Companies In Haridwar

Individual Care and Dermatology are currently undergoing quick growth in India. In India, many derma businesses produce skincare items. The allocation for Derma and cosmetic products is very high in Haridwar. The Derma Companies provide products for daily use like lotions, hand moisturizers, creams, shampoos, and oils. Here we provide lots of information about the Top 10 Derma Companies In Haridwar.

Products Range By Lifestyle BioSciences

Sr No. Products
1 Lotions
2 Face Wash
3 Serum
4 Dusting Powder
5 Capsules

List Of Top 10 Derma Companies In Haridwar

#1 Lifestyle BioSciences

Lifestyle BioSciences is an ISO-certified company with an authentic personal care and dermatology company in India. This company provides an immense range of derma products at reasonable prices so you can simply grab them. The name Lifestyle BioSciences is also involved in the list of authentic dermatological companies in India. They are arranged to produce supreme standards derma products to fix the concerns of their customers. This company has many years of occurrence in this industry which is why a huge amount of customers have trust in their skincare products. Besides, they provide astonishing domination to their customers.

Contact Details

Company Name – Lifestyle BioSciences


Phone No. – +91-828-383-5000

Email –

#2 Apco Pharma Limited

Apco Pharma Limited is also on the list of Top 10 Derma Companies In Haridwar. Their vision is to be a supreme pharmaceutical company with a global presence. Focusing on establishing the best-in-class remedies that should be inexpensively workable to patients.

Address – D-8, Railway Colony, Industrial Area, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 249401

#3 Ravian Life Science Pvt. Ltd.

Ravian Life Science Pvt. Ltd. provides creative value-added products that refine the standard of human life around the world their product meets the standard of demanding international qualities, with the warranty of the highest dependence level, when it comes to product honesty and patient safety. We have a 100% In-house testing laboratory with all types of newest and most experienced instruments.

Address – PLOT NO. 34, SECTOR-8A, Integrated Industrial Estate, Sector 8A, SIDCUL, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 249403.

#4 Rivpra Formulation

Rivpra Formulation is a combined pharmaceutical company with central capability in the development and production of hugely successful and reasonable medicines to manage various conditions and diseases. Confirmed in 2008, Rivpra Formulations is a profit-making, and creditworthy ISO-certified pharmaceutical company with a modern infrastructure set up in obedience to WHO-cGMP qualities.

Address – Plot No. 08, Sector- 6A, Sidcul, BHEL, Integrated Industrial Estate, Industrial Area, Ranipur, Uttarakhand 249403

#5 Pil Pharmaceuticals

Pil Pharmaceuticals is also on the list of Top 10 Derma Companies In Haridwar. Pil Pharmaceuticals Limited is committed to providing medicines of the highest standard at reasonable prices by continuously upgrading its standard system & provision in line with the ongoing global qualities.

Address – X396+47Q, Integrated Industrial Estate, Sector 6, BHEL Township, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 249403.

#6 Mascot Health Series Pvt. Ltd.

At Mascot Health Series Pvt. Ltd., They joy themselves on delivering a huge collection of high-standard medicines since 2007. Their commitment to demanding standard levels and customer contentment sets them apart from the contention.

Address – Plot No 79, 80, SIDCUL, Sector 6, BHEL Township, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 249403

#7 Maheswari Pharmaceuticals

Maheswari Pharmaceuticals is also on the list of Top 10 Derma Companies In Haridwar. Their powerful whole-food ingredients and diapason herbal combines work complementary to increase your daily welfare.

Address –  Plot No:- 07, Sector 6B, IIE, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 249403

#8 Indo Herbal Products

Indo Herbal Products provides an extensive decision of skin and body care products customized to address a diversity of examine. We excel at manufacturing products that select skincare haircare, dental care, personal hygiene, and many more.

Address – Plot No 17, Sector 12, Ranipur, SIDCUL, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 249403

#9 Jaya Maxwell Hospital

Jaya Maxwell Hospital is also on the list of Top 10 Derma Companies In Haridwar. This Hospital provides both healing and protective healthcare applications. As always, they are searching to improve their care and service to you, They wish to invite you to take a closer look at our services and give your estimation. They shall be highly compelled to be connected with your respected organization.

#10 Skin And Hair Glow

Skin And Hair Glow is also on the list of Top 10 Derma Companies In Haridwar. They provide various dermatology products to their customers at reasonable prices and their products are very helpful for those people who are connected with this company.

Address – M clastar, M-58, BHEL, opp. Shri Krishna Eye Institute, near Hotel Flora, Shivalik Nagar, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 249403


As you can see, the best list of the Top 10 Derma Companies in Haridwar in which every company has its firmness. To find the greatest option for your business, you need to recognize what kind of company you need. Despite that, product range, investment capital, and monopoly rights are a few elements that one can think about.

Some FAQs

Question – What Are The Advantages Of Connecting With Derma Companies?

Answer – Connecting with authentic Derma Companies will provide you with multiple advantages. You can become their franchise partner and employ your derma company with low investment. Also, the experienced team will give you unbelievable market support to encourage your company and interest the target audience.

Question – What Is The Derma PCD Model In Pharmacy?

Answer – Derma PCD is a type of business sector in which a pharmaceutical firm agrees to a franchise agreement with an isolated group. In this model, the Derma company allows important rights to their franchise partners to promote and supply their dermatology products under their brand name.

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