Nutraceutical Companies In Bangalore

Nutraceutical Companies In Bangalore

Nutraceutical Companies In Bangalore – Bangalore is also known as the “Silicon Valley of India”. It is famous for its parks and nightlife and serves as the capital of the state of Karnataka in southern India. According to estimates, Bengaluru is expected to have 13,608,000 residents in 2023. Over the past several years, there has been an increase in demand for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in various parts of Bengaluru. Locals claim it is clear that large numbers of people need pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies, and they also want high-quality, efficient products.  In this Blog, we will tell you about the top-rated Nutraceutical Companies In Bangalore, India.

Nutraceutical Companies In Bangalore

In wealthy countries, the percentage of people using nutraceuticals is between 50% and 70%. Women consume more nutrients than men. Moreover, nutraceutical medicines are reliable products from a safety point of view. Even if the authorities like drugs have not approved them. The rise in chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease has also increased the demand for nutraceutical products as people look for natural and alternative solutions to manage their health issues.

List of Top Nutraceutical Companies In Bangalore 2024

Thus, if you live in Bangalore and looking for nutraceutical companies then this post is quite useful for you. This article covers some of the leading Nutraceutical Companies In Bangalore

Lifestyle Bio Sciences

Lifestyle Bio Sciences is the reputed top choice for nutraceutical manufacturing services in Bangalore. One of them is the provision of nutraceutical medicines with ethically sound business practices; We are ISO certified and employ a large workforce. Thus, one of the services we provide is a thorough background check before shipment. They work hard and produce work of the highest standard. Due to this, we are considered as one of the top manufacturing companies in Bangalore and India. Lifestyle Bio Sciences is the largest nutraceutical company in Bangalore due to the following reasons:

  • The company is confident in the effectiveness and quality of the product.
  • We provide real business growth and mutual business growth to our partners.
  • Our company policies are open and honest, and we treat our customers fairly.
  • Our logistics staff is the best; They follow all safety procedures and deliver the goods on time.
  • Highly qualified R&D employees progress.

Contact Details

Name – Lifestyle Bio Sciences


Email ID –

Phone No. – +91 8283835000

Bionova Life Sciences

Located on Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru, Bionova Life Sciences was established in 2005 and is a leading pharmaceutical products manufacturer in the city. For both local and out-of-town customers, this renowned business serves as a one-stop shop in Bangalore. During its existence, this enterprise has strengthened its position in its sector.

Address – 55 & 56, Bikasipura Main Road, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Pin – 560062

Gnova Biotech

Gnova Biotech is a leading multivitamin and nutraceuticals manufacturer company in Bangalore. They provide a wide range of medical products that are safe and effective. The company has the latest equipment established on our premises and they offer a very reasonable price for our multivitamin and mineral medicines.

Address – Plot No.358, First Floor, Industrial Area Phase 2, Panchkula, Haryana,134113

Himalaya Drug Company

Established in 1930, Himalaya Drug Firm is the best Nutraceutical company in Bangalore. The company focuses on the manufacture of nutraceutical products such as herbal treatments, dietary supplements, and personal care products. All products offered by Himalaya Drug Company are certified by GMP and WHO organisations. 

Address – Near Victoria City, Village Pabhat, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

Kontera Ventures

Kontera Ventures in Bengaluru, established in the year 2017, is a top manufacturing company for nutraceutical products in Bengaluru. They have a well-experienced staff to produce high-quality pharma products. The company acts as a single-stop destination serving customers both locally and from other parts of Bangalore.

Address – Ramachandra Arcade, Basavanagudi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Pin – 560004.


Quimica is one of the top herbal and nutrition enterprises in Bangalore, Karnataka. They produce, distribute and export high-quality herbal extracts. Such as essential oils, herbal extracts and nutraceutical compounds. They supply these goods to both domestic and foreign customers in the veterinary, cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Address -48/51, Md Plaza, Ganganagar, Bellary Road, Hebbal, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Pin – 560024.

Lifevision Manufacturing

Bangalore, India is home to the renowned nutraceutical company LifeVision Manufacturing. It was founded to provide top-notch and efficient health supplements to help individuals improve their general well-being and health conditions. The company employs a group of knowledgeable and talented people who are dedicated to researching and developing cutting-edge nutraceutical products.

Address – Plot No 11-12, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector 25-D, Chandigarh – 160014, India

Zandu Pharmaceutical

Established in 1910, Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Limited is an Indian company. With its headquarters located in Mumbai, India, the company is well-known in the nutraceutical industry. Zandu is famous for its herbal and ayurvedic products, including personal care items, dietary supplements and ointments to treat pain. Its popular nutraceutical products include Zandu Pancharishta, Zandu Sona Chandi Chyawanprakash and Zandu Kesari Jeevan.

Address – Emami Limited, Emami Tower, 687 Anandapur, EM Bypass, Kolkata 700 107.


After reading the above blog, we can now conclude on the importance of nutrition firms in Bengaluru. So, if you are looking for Nutraceutical Companies in Bangalore then this post will be quite useful for you. Also, if you feel any difficulty in the above content please do not hesitate to contact us.

FAQs About Nutraceutical Companies In Bangalore

Q – Which is the best derma pcd company in Bangalore?

Lifestyle Bio Sciences is one of the best Nutraceutical pcd companies in Bangalore. The company offers a wide range of Nutraceutical products including syrups, pills, capsules, creams, and sachets.

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