10 Best Hair Growth Serums in India

10 Best Hair Growth Serums in India

10 Best Hair Growth Serums in India – The environmental conditions in India are uncertain. And so is our hair. No matter how constant we are with oiling, shampooing, and even conditioning, sometimes our hair just ends up getting frizzy, damaged, dull, and even entangled. It is suggested to be attentive to products with powerful chemicals that are famous for their benefits when choosing the best hair serum for thickness and growth. Always go for serums that have biotin, keratin, and natural oils that are famous for making stronger and nourishing hair, such as jojoba or jojoba. Moreover, select serums 10 Best Hair Growth Serums in India that are recommended by dermatologists and free of harmful ingredients. Serums come in various varieties to address many hair problems. 10 Best Hair Growth Serums in India

While nourishing serums hydrate and cure damaged strands, growth and thickening serums improve hair growth and thickness. For example, protein serums enhance hair thickness, biotin serums strengthen hair strands, and caffeine serums increase blood flow to the scalp to improve growth. Aloe vera serums calm the scalp, keratin serums cure damage and vitamin C serums increase the making of collagen. Even if you are someone who likes to keep their hair care routine to a minimum, Having the right serum can add so much more to your hair nutriment. Let us discover some top 10 Best Hair Growth Serums in India.

The List Of Top 10 Best Hair Growth Serums in India

For your concern we have listed the top 10 Best Hair Growth Serums in India:


These products help in preventing roughness. It maintains tangled hairs. You can get the soft and smooth hairs by using them. Also, protect your hair from damage from sunlight and pollution. Moreover, manage the damage caused by heating and coloring. It helps in controlling the frizzy hair. These products also help in saving from hair fall. Hair Serums also help in getting rid of all dandruff. To restore the shine and smoothness of the hair, Murtela Hair Growth Serum is specifically used. Many factors, including pollution, dust, dry weather, and the use of chemical products, might damage your hair. Applying hair serum will repair the shine and smoothness of your hair if you are having the same issue.

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#2. Go Long Hair Serum 120ml

This hair growth serum has pH-balancing elements that help prevent early grey hair and breakage of the strands. It saves your hair from regular wear and tear. Daily usage can save from split ends and breakage. Also, it helps prevent hair and breakage thinning. Go Long Hair Serum supports healthy hair growth. It also helps the strands look thicker and bouncier. Moreover, it is suitable for all hair types specifically dry hair and colour-treated hair.

#3. L’Oréal Professionnel Xtenso Care Serum

Explore the secret to sleek, salon-style hair at home with L’Oréal Professionnel Xtenso Care Serum. This effective serum, available in a convenient 50ml size, is particularly made for straightened hair. Made with Pro-Keratin and Incell Technology, it not only fights frizz but also increases hair shine, leaving you with boldly smooth locks. It secures hydration by locking in moisture, keeping your hair feeling and looking its best. 

#4. Biotin Serum

Serums with biotin are well popular for strengthening hair strands and increasing growth. The combination of keratin, an important protein in hair, is aided by biotin, sometimes known to as vitamin B7. This procedure decreases hair loss and increases hair thickness. Often application of biotin serums can also improve the flexibility of hair, decreasing its weakness to breakage and damage.

#5. Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Serum

Vitamin C and other nutrients are found in amla serums to strengthen hair roots, increase growth, and reduce hair loss. They also make hair look healthier and more shiny by improving its natural color and shine. Amla is a full solution for keeping hair strong, healthy, and shiny because of its antioxidant qualities, which cover hair from the components and can help retard the onset of gray hair.

#6. Green Tea Extract Serum

Antioxidants found in green tea extract serums cover hair from damage and increase growth. Healthier, stronger, hair is the result of their help in decreasing hair loss, restoring hair follicles, and increasing scalp health. Green tea’s anti-inflammatory elements can also enhance the quality of your hair by calming an irritated scalp and lessening dandruff.

#7. Jojoba Oil Serum

Vitamins and minerals found in jojoba oil serums nourish the hair and scalp. Softer, more shiny, and healthier hair is the result of its appearance in maintaining oil production, decreasing dandruff, and adding moisture. Jojoba oil is a good moisturizer that does not weigh down or leave hair feeling oily because it is comparable to the natural oils made by the scalp.

#8. Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Serums having hyaluronic acid give the scalp and hair a strong dose of moisture. They decrease breakage, keep moisture in, and stop drying out. These serums work magically to encourage hair growth and preserve a healthy scalp environment. Moreover, hyaluronic acid can give hair body and volume, giving it a thicker, more bright existence.

#9. Ginseng Serum

Ginseng serums give strength to hair follicles and enhance blood flow to the scalp, which improves hair growth. Ginseng’s antioxidant elements cover hair from damage and encourage thicker, healthier hair. Moreover, ginseng has anti-inflammatory components that help soothe the scalp and decrease dandruff, which improves a healthy scalp and healthier hair growth.

#10. Caffeine Serum

Coffee serums enhance blood flow to the scalp, which improves hair growth. Hair follicles are nourished by the grown blood flow, which enhances hair growth and decreases hair loss. Moreover, caffeine adds shine and strengthens the roots of hair. Caffeine also has anti-inflammatory qualities that help save irritated scalps and offer a better environment for the scalp.


In conclusion, we can say that there are many hair growth serums available in the market. But for your help, we have listed above the top 10 Best Hair Growth Serums in India.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Question 1 – Which is the best serum for hair growth in India?

Answer – Murtela hair growth serum is the best serum for hair growth in India.

Question 2 – Can hair growth serum regrow hair?

Answer – Yes, made with active necessary ingredients, a hair growth serum increases blood circulation which helps in the development of thicker, healthier, and shinier hair.

Question 3 – How do we select a hair serum?

Answer – By recognizing your hair type and any particular concerns you have.

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